Identity theft of your clown name

It is very easy for someone to steal your clown name (identity) and use your hard work for their easy gain. Creative images such as names are difficult to insure and copyright. But there are things you can do to protect your clown name from people who actually wish to do you harm and also protect the innocent who are just getting started in the Art of clowning and simply don’t know any better.

Even if you clown only for charity, your good clown name and image is worth protecting. Here is some ideas on what you can what you can do:

1. Go online at your State government website and look into a business registration. You can register your clown name as a business for a nominal fee. It gives you minimal protection. But at least you have documentation of when you started using the clown name if things ever get serious.

2. Put the copyright symbol by your name on your promotional material. It reminds folks that this name is important.

3. Is your clown name a common one? I can not tell you how many “Bubbles the Clown”, that I have met over the years. Add something to your name to make it unique and special. Such as Baby Bubbles, Miss Bubbles, Bubblez and so on.